NEW Artesia DG-55 Micro Digital Grand Piano


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An easy-to-use internal song recorder will save your playing or sudden inspiration at any moment with the touch of a button. For more advanced projects, the Multi-track Recorder offers a full 16-tracks of recording channels. The included Jump Drive has over 180 Jazz, Classical, Holiday and popular songs that you can play anytime you want to set the mood. Whether it is entertaining a party, enjoying a glass of wine or possibly a romantic dinner for two the Artesia micro grand can create great atmosphere.The Artesia micro grand is Bluetooth compatible and allows you to play along with your favorite songs or turn your piano into a home entertainment center for the whole family to enjoy. Simply adjust your Bluetooth device (smart phone, tablet or laptop) to play through the piano’s 6 speaker concert hall sound delivery system.The Artesia offers a variety of connectivity options including two convenient USB Ports that allow connection to your USB devices including Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. There are many great musical education and music creation software and Apps available; the USB connection means the musical possibilities are endless. Additional ports include Aux In, Aux Out, Line In Control, Dual Headphone jacks and more.The Artesia has a “Play Along Song” feature that is a fun way to enhance your playing skills. It has over 50 familiar, standard play along songs that will let you practice playing with your left and right hand separately at first, then playing with both hands simultaneously until you have learned the musical piece.There has never been a better time to learn how to play a musical instrument. With the advent of laptops and tablets it is easier than ever before to immediately start to learn how to play piano from fun musical game Apps. Many of these apps can be used via the USB ports on the piano or some can also wirelessly detect the sound coming from your Artesia micro grands.

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