New Pearl River GP212 Semi-Concert Grand Piano

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  • 7' Semi-Concert Grand Piano
  • Available Finishes- Ebony Polish
  • New Pearl River Bench Included
  • Warranty Included
  • Financing Available

Pearl River’s 7′ Semi-Concert Grand Piano is an excellent selection for institutions seeking musical excellence at significant cost savings over other options. The construction of the GP212 begins with the precise design of the strungback, the foundation of which is the plate. The GP212 plate is made of high quality “pig iron,” which is melted and poured into wet-sand molds. This wet-sand casting process is how the most expensive concert grand pianos in the world are made. Pearl River uses this method in every piano we make. The GP212 features an extremely responsive action which faithfully obeys the commands of pianists at all levels.

Warranty Information

Pearl Rivers 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty.